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The challenge of Ageing, is currently one of the key issues faced by Europe. As statistics indicate, by 2030 almost 1 in every 3 Europeans -29.7% of the population- will be over the age of 65. In order to maintain and even improve the level of prosperity and development within the European Union, we need to seek ways of keeping people over 50 mentally and physically healthy.

Our project ‟MENTA 50+: Learning to take actions for mental fitness and wellbeing in older age” aims to achieve this by raising awareness of the benefits and importance of mental wellbeing and mental fitness. Our focus will be on the provision of specific guidelines to promote key concepts and the development of new, innovative learning material. This will be targeted directly to those over 50 and to training providers and support agencies The MENTA 50+ project will run for two years and began in December 2012. The project is funded by the European Union under the Grundtvig Lifelong Learning Programme.



Primary Target Group:

► Adults over 50 years of age, who will be the end-users and main beneficiaries of the project

► Institutions

► Providers

► Facilitators

► Community centre workers

► Social Workers

…mainly dealing with people over 50 years of age

Secondary Target Group

► Policy makers

► Adult educational Institutions

► Political decision makers

► Social and health care sector

► EU decision makers etc.