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The MENTA50+ project addresses the problem of the aging population —,which is one of the most serious ones in Europe today. The Project results aim to reduce those problems related to an aging population, as they help people in their later life to maintain their mental fitness for a longer period of time.

At the primary phase of the project researchers from the participating countries examined the existing programmes, services and activities performed in this field on local, national and European levels by highlighting those items that seem to be more useful and interesting. To reach this, we created and filled out a template, whose information related to these initiatives can be found in the following database specifically created for this aim.

This is a selection of the most interesting and/or complete programmes, services and activities found in the different countries. For more information, there are several reports related to this phase (SOTA Analysis) under the link Results (deliverables) of this website. Although all information included in the database is in English, the original one is normally in the national language of the country where the initiative takes place together with further links for more information.