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Nottendorfer Gasse , 21

A-1030  Vienna (Austria)

Tel: +43 1 79580 3425

Fax: +43 1 79580 9730




What kind of services or support persons need today and in the future facing age, societal change, ill-health, accidents, emerging security threats or even disasters? The Research Institute of the Red Cross (FRK) broadly approaches and discriminatingly deals with relevant societal problems and works with its partners on developing creative and innovative solutions. Our central concern and integral part of all our activities is to guarantee the transfer of project results back into practical context. Theory and experience go together to assure the quality of our research. Our Institute is currently participating in national and international research projects and programs in the spirit of the high principles of the Red Cross.

The FRK works in four research fields:

- Rescue, emergency care and security

- Home care

- Labour market, employment, volunteer services

- Health promotion and prevention


Contact Person

Gert Lang

Tel: +43-1-79580-3425

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Via Napoli, 4

33100 - Udine (Italy)

Tel: +39 0432297909

Fax: +39 0432297033




Università delle LiberEtà (ULE) is a LLL centre engaged in permanent education and training for Adults and Senior citizens. It counts around 4.000 members and carries out almost 400 formative routes a year, which involve about 180 teachers.

It organizes courses in the following fields: general knowledge; communication and management; arts; ICT; foreign languages; Gym, dancing and body wellbeing; artistic and handicraft laboratories. It aims at: being a cultural and formative resource for the whole community; stimulating the learners to an active participation, with initiatives and projects and their implementation; innovating learning and teaching methodologies, pointing out that improving culture and learning is possible at any age.

ULE is an integral part of the cultural life of the city, with its promotion of meetings, initiatives of information and qualified cultural spreading, formation and modernization in line with the principles of LLP.

It has a special focus on elderly learners for whom it organizes specific activities but not exclusive ones to avoid the “ghettoization” of this part of the population.

Nevertheless the major challenges that the Institution and the society is still going to face in a near future are:

Innovating managing, learning and teaching methodologies, pointing out that improving culture and learning is possible at every age.

to fight isolation and to stimulate social and cultural promotion of the elder people by means of meetings and other initiatives of socialization and formation

to encourage the settling in and integration of the members of the foreign communities that live in the territory;

ULE being an educational institution has expertise in teaching and offering flexible pathways to seniors and it has a good expertise in offering educational training, hints and resources for adults and senior citizens. It also focuses its mission on the intergenerational exchange and the implementation of inclusion activities for seniors.


Contact Person

Alessia Fabbro

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Legal representative

Giuseppina Raso

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Parkgate Road

Chester CH1 4BJ (United Kingdom)

Tel: +44 1244 511000

Fax: +44 1244 511300




The University of Chester, originally established in 1839 by the Church of England, is committed to:

- the pursuit of excellence and innovation

- the highest standards and quality in learning and teaching, and the creation and application of new knowledge 

- offering a distinctive student experience - a high quality, caring and supportive learning environment

- playing a leading role in the intellectual, cultural, social, spiritual and economic life of the local, regional and wider community

- principles of equality of opportunity and diversity, and a responsibility to promote freedom of enquiry and scholarly expression

- promoting a dynamic and cost-effective organisational culture able to respond positively to the challenges of a changing environment

- openness and inclusiveness

We have 16,000 students: undergraduate and postgraduate degrees, as well as foundation degrees incorporating learning at work. With the powers to award our own research degrees, the emphasis is very much on research that has practical benefits both economically and culturally. We provide consultancy support across many areas. Well-respected courses in Health and Social Care, Humanities, Business and Management, Arts and Media, Social Science, Applied Sciences and Education and Children’s Services have further extended our connections with industry, commerce and the professions.

We have an on-going commitment to public engagement and interface with its local community, a strategic interest in widening participation and are committed to research into mature learners.


Contact Person

Keith Chandler

Tel: +44 7890021975

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96, Iroon Polytechniou Avenue


Tel: +30 210 4286227

Fax: +30 2104286228




IDEC is a training consulting company located in Piraeus, Greece. Its activities consist of training, management consulting, quality assurance, evaluation and development of ICT solutions for both private and public sector and has extensive experience in European projects, either as coordinator or as partner.

IDEC organises domestic and transnational adult training sessions on a wide range of topics. To this end it collaborates with a network of experienced trainers and experts on various fields. We address different types of adults, for example managers in quality, production, personnel, and also teachers or students along with persons employed in specific occupations. Additionally, IDEC has long term experience in health and safety and in particular in work-related stress.


Contact Person

Olga Anagnostaki

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Xenia Chronopoulou

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6, Diogenous Str.

Engomi, P.O. Box: 22006, 1516 Nicosia-Cyprus

Tel: +357.22.713000

Fax: +357.22.662051




European University Cyprus is a private educational organization fostering among other; education, social contribution and research. In specific, the University focuses on student education serving the needs of society and create knowledge via research and innovation. It has a fine reputation for excellence and innovation in research and as such, has a great experience in projects funded by national, European and international organizations. The University strongly supports a number of research centers and units including the Centre of Applied Research, the Research Support Unit, the Centre of Political and Social Studies and the Centre for the study of childhood and adolescence.

Originally known as Cyprus College, it was approved by the council of Ministers of Cyprus and established as a University in 2007. It is located in Nicosia, the capital of Cyprus.


Contact Person

Charalambos Tziortzis

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Modi'in Municipality

P.O.B 1, Modi'in, 71700, Israel

Tel: +972-8-9714229, +972-8-9719238

Fax: +972-8-6226757




The Multi- Disciplinary Center is a center for Adult Education and Lifelong Learning for the ages 18 and over, and an Academic Center, Open University- for first degree.

The center is located in the center of Modi'in and includes about 180 lecturers and instructors and about 4,000 learners.

The center is unique in Israel, promoting education and learning for life and includes: occupational career development, vocational training, advancement and personal development of citizen, development of learning organizations and learning communities, promoting the status of women and recreational enrichment studies. The center works in cooperation with all parties in the local authority and all the resources sectors in the city, such as business sector and private sector, public institutions, social organizations and communities NGO in the city.

The center leads the agenda of "Learning City" in cooperation with government authorities such as: The ministry of education, the ministry of seniors' citizen, the union of local authorities in Israel, and the parliament education committee, the committee of the status of women in the prime minister's office, the Adult Education Association, the ministry of trade, industry and employment and more. The center develops learning programs and key joint projects to encourage "Life Learning" by partnerships and pooling resources with various factors in the community.

The Multi- Disciplinary Center is also operates as the center of status of women headed by the center's director, who is also the mayor's advisor on women's status.


Contact Person

Dr. Orna Mager

Mobile: 972-52-2605604

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